ABW Mobile is Now on All Three Major Tablet Platforms

Posted on February 10th, 2014

The anticipated release of the native Windows 8.1 app is here. Info-Power’s data exchange technology can now be demonstrated on all three major OS platforms through the ABW Mobile app. The Info-Power team has worked tirelessly to give the business community the choice of platforms for ABW Mobile to match their IT infrastructure needs.

“We are very excited to complete the platform stack for our customers. Whether your organization is dedicated to one particular platform, or requires the ability to support a mix of tablets, the backend ABW Mobile service can facilitate your particular requirement.” says Michael Coots, Mobile Applications Product Manager at Info-Power.

ABW Mobile is a customizable app supported by MBaaS technology (Mobile Backend-as-a-Service) which allows people in the field to process customer Sales Orders and Quotes right on their tablet. The application will publish your company’s data to your tablet. You can enter sales orders anywhere, anytime. When you have connectivity, your mobile orders will be sent automatically to those who need them.